Get to know us

MEGA YACHT PROVISIONS (MYP) is a Panamanian based company providing the most luxurious yachts and mega yachts the provisions they need to while passing though or staying in Panamanian waters.

MYP delivers to both the Pacific and Atlantic sides of Panamanian coasts and can coordinate deliveries in ports, marinas or at sea.

MYP works exclusively with high end suppliers. We pride ourselves on offering not only the best food and beverages available locally, but importing specialty and seasonal items. Before packing up provisions for delivery on wrapped pallets, we inspect 100% of the items in our warehouse, with a special focus on produce.

What to expect?

We share the passion for quality and service that you expect from world class provisions and look forward to working with you during your time in Panama.
Everything we accomplish at MYP revolves around understanding your desires and guaranteeing the high-end products and services that you deserve.

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